How our team embarked on a broker tour of Oman

28 May 2024

From May 12th to 16th, our team of brokers from Abu Dhabi embarked on an exploratory tour of Oman’s key cities: the capital, Muscat, and the tropical paradise of Salalah. Specifically, we visited local developers, new projects, and their sales offices. Our colleagues spent the first day in Salalah, meeting with developer Orascom, and dedicated the remaining days to exploring the capital.

With love for our clients

We organized this broker tour of Oman’s new developments to experience firsthand the projects' unique aesthetics. After personally visiting these sites, it becomes much easier to convey the advantages to our clients, sharing our own impressions. For instance, we can describe the fruits growing near the homes, the height of the waterfall visible from the windows, or the number of green turtles seen on the local beaches.

New developments we visited:

🔸 Muscat Bay in Muscat – A complex of clubhouses with scenic residences and a collection of elite villas.

🔸 Al Mouj in Muscat – Luxurious villas by the sea.

🔸 Sustainable City in Muscat – Branded Nikki Beach residences, villas, and townhouses.

🔸 AIDA in Muscat – A cliffside project with floating residences offering ocean views.

🔸 St. Regis in Muscat – Scenic waterfront apartments in the city of Muscat.

🔸 Zen Residences in Muscat – A cozy complex of mid-rise buildings by the sea.

A vibrant journey

We had the opportunity to meet with all the developers personally and discuss key topics: obtaining residency, legal and economic specifics. We also addressed questions regarding the purchase, sale, and rental of apartments and villas. Now, we are well-prepared and equipped with all the necessary information.

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