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            Creek Vista Heights
            Creek Vista Heights is a residential complex in Sobha Hartland community. Located in a waterfront community provides a plenty of green space, a slew of mouth-watering eateries, retail centres, and entertainment facilities
            from $380 000
            On sale 31 apartments
            Crest Grande
            Crest Grande is a complex with 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments on the Sobha Hartland waterfront. The windows offer views of the canal water surface, a wildlife park in Dubai Creek, and the world’s tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa
            from $470 000
            On sale 25 apartments
            The Crest
            The Crest is a complex of three residential towers with interlinked Sky Gardens. Located on the banks of a pristine Crystal Lagoon, the 46-story complex provides a host of amenities spread across the podium level and the landscaped terraces
            from $320 000
            On sale 25 apartments
            Waves Opulence
            Waves Opulence is a waterfront project, located right in the heart of 8 million ft² Sobha Hartland. The 32-story residential complex provides a range of leisure, relaxation, entertainment and play amenities, spread out over separate decks
            from $650 000
            On sale 10 apartments
            Creek Vistas Grande
            Creek Vistas Grande is a residential tower, located at the gateway of Sobha Hartland. The community Hartland is nestled in MBR City and boasts 1.8 km long waterfront boardwalk with retail and restaurant experiences
            from $410 000
            On sale 5 apartments
            Creek Vistas
            Sobha Creek Vistas is a complex of two 28-storey twin towers in the green area of Mohammed Bin Rashid City. The architecture is made in a contemporary style
            from $280 000
            On sale 5 apartments
            Waves Grande
            Waves Grande is a residential tower, located in Al Maktoum City with unparalleled views of the Downtown in the northwest and waterfront panorama in the south-eastern — scenic views extend across every level of the tower
            from $400 000
            On sale 1 apartment


            Sobha Hartland is a recently developed upscale residential enclave situated within the expansive Mohammed Bin Rashid City in Dubai. Notably, over a 3rd of the total area is specifically designated for lush landscaping and parks.

            About Sobha Hartland

            Sobha Hartland boasts a highly developed infrastructure, with essential facilities for a convenient lifestyle, education, and leisure situated in close proximity. The area features numerous shopping malls, public parking spaces, business offices, fitness centers, spa facilities, pharmacies, and retail stores catering to diverse needs.

            Situated in the northeastern section of Mohammad Bin Rashid City, Sobha Hartland is positioned along a picturesque waterfront in central Dubai. This advantageous location allows residents to appreciate splendid views from their windows. The artificial lagoon, spanning 1,8 kilometers, offers an ideal setting for outdoor strolls and the enjoyment of nature.

            Living in Sobha Hartland

            The district is surrounded by parks and meticulously landscaped spaces, offering numerous avenues for leisurely walks. It showcases over 300 species of trees and plants, earning it the distinction of being the greenest spot in Dubai. The abundance of greenery ensures a pleasant experience even on sunny summer days, providing a comfortable environment for walking and enjoying the fresh air. The area is good for families with children and elderly couples, offering a tranquil and secure living environment.

            The district is situated at the intersection of major thoroughfares, Ras Al Khor Road and Al Ain Road, providing access to any part of the Emirates. It takes less than 15 minutes by car to reach the most iconic skyscraper. The area is rich in malls and commercial establishments with an ice rink, restaurants, and a cinema. The nearest metro station is a 9-minute drive away, and a new metro line is under construction, set to open soon.

            Types of property in Sobha Hartland

            There are apartments in the area.


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