Villas and Houses for sale in Abu-Dhabi

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            Bloom Living
            apartments, townhouse, villas Q1 2026 Bloom Holding
            Bloom Living is a collection of exquisite villas, townhouses, and apartments in the Zayed City area of Abu Dhabi. The concept of the complex is inspired by the Mediterranean Spanish architecture with sand-colored facades
            from $380 000
            On sale 79 apartments, 16 townhouses, 5 villas
            Kayan is the second phase of AlJurf Gardens by IMKAN Properties, located in the AlJurf area between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Kayan offers 4 and 5-bedroom villas available in two options — Rawya and Rihal
            from $1 310 000
            On sale 57 villas
            Reem Hills Apartment
            apartments, townhouse, villas Q3 2026 Q Properties
            Reem Hills Apartment is a residential complex, located in a truly unique location on Abu Dhabi’s Al Reem Island
            from $260 000
            On sale 21 apartments, 4 townhouses, 16 villas
            Saadiyat Lagoons
            Saadiyat Lagoons is a complex of 4 to 6-bedroom mangrove villas surrounded by over 900,000 m² of protected wilderness. The collection is located on the new private beach of Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi
            from $1 930 000
            On sale 30 villas
            Noya Yas Island
            Noya Yas Island is a residential complex in the central part of Yas Island opposite Yas Gateway Park. The picturesque island is home to 510 townhouses and villas nestled among lush greenery
            from $600 000
            On sale 20 townhouses, 1 villa
            Yas Acres
            Yas Acres is a community of 1,000 premium townhouses and villas on the artificial Yas Island ib the Arabian Gulf. To keep fit, go for a morning jog or ride a bike on the dedicated paths. Sport enthusiasts can work out in the fully equipped fitness center
            from $820 000
            On sale 7 townhouses, 14 villas
            Noya Luma
            Noya Luma is a residential development located in the northern part of the eco-friendly Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. The project provides a unique combination of modern living, comfort and high-class services
            from $840 000
            On sale 14 villas
            The Dunes, Saadiyat Reserve
            The Dunes, Saadiyat Reserve is a collection of premium villas on Saadiyat Island, a 20-minute drive from the center of Abu Dhabi. In the project, you can choose two-level residences with 4 and 5 bedrooms
            from $1 440 000
            On sale 10 villas
            Jubail Island
            Jubail Island is located between Yas and Saadiyat Islands. Here lies a collection of large villages with apartments and villas in environmentally protected and clean areas, next to the incredible landscapes of the Mangrove Wildlife Park
            from $980 000
            On sale 2 townhouses, 6 villas
            Nawayef West Heights
            Nawayef West Heights is a collection of villas in the Nawayef West community on Hudayriyat Island. The complex has 8 types of residences with the facades in different architectural styles
            from $5 170 000
            On sale 8 villas
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            Types of available houses and villas in Abu Dhabi

            In the capital of the UAE you can buy a 1-7 bedroom elegant villa with private territory, azure swimming pool, a bushy private garden, and a parking lot.

            Advantages and disadvantages of buying house or villa in Abu Dhabi

            UAE security: notably secure with stringent laws, including harsh penalties, contributing to peace and resident well-being. Over 90% of residents feel safe, even at night.

            Tax benefits: UAE offers tax-free living and business opportunities, with no value-added, personal income, or real estate taxes in some zones.

            Trusted developers: The real estate market, especially in Dubai, is regulated, ensuring transparency and trustworthiness among developers.

            Residence permit through real estate: The Golden Visa program offers residence permits for 5 or 10 years with specified investment amounts, promoting mutual benefits for foreigners and the UAE. Property ownership allows visa extension and gender-neutral ownership, albeit with specific sponsorship conditions.

            Costs associated with buying house or villa in Abu Dhabi

            The cost of purchasing a home or a villa in the UAE varies depending on factors such as size and location within the vicinity. Generally, 3-bedroom residence starts at around $790,000, while 4-bedroom lots can rise to $1,020,000. Property acquisitions in Abu Dhabi entail several fees and taxes, including a 4% transfer fee, 5% VAT, and a 2% registration fee.


            Does life in Abu Dhabi support high standards?
            Abu Dhabi is a wealthy emirate and capital of the United Arab Emirates with a strong, diversified economy. The economy here is driven by oil and gas exports, tourism, financial services, and real estate.
            Expats are drawn to Abu Dhabi for its luxurious lifestyle, tax-free salaries, world-class amenities, shopping, dining, and entertainment. Abu Dhabi also boasts exceptional safety with a low crime index and a strong culture of law respect. Plus, the city features a mass Abu Dhabi Metro and excellent healthcare infrastructure, enhancing its real estate desirability.
            What are the life costs in Abu Dhabi?

            Abu Dhabi has a relatively high cost of living compared to other major Middle Eastern cities but is still lower than some. Here are some examples of costs in Abu Dhabi:

            Monthly public transportation card – $60.

            Utilities for a 1-bedroom apartment – $180 per month.

            Local "Laban Ayran" or yogurt drink – $2.

            Machboos at traditional Emirati eatery – $15.

            Taxi fare using "Abu Dhabi Taxi" – $10.

            Cup of "Gahwa" or Arabic coffee – $7.

            Who can help me to buy a house or a villa in Abu Dhabi?

            Using our proficient brokers is highly recommended. With their deep understanding and expertise in the local market, they serve as a crucial resource for guidance and support throughout the property buying process. Given the substantial financial implications of real estate investments, it is important to find expert assistance and thoroughly assess your choices before making.

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