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            BAYZ 101
            BAYZ 101 — 101-этажная жилая башня в деловом районе Business Bay, в нескольких минутах ходьбы от одноименной станции метро.
            from $380 000
            On sale 187 apartments
            Safa Two
            Safa Two is a residential complex consisting of two towers in Aykon City. The architecture recollects a highly sought-after 45.39 carat natural ruby ring "Virgin Scarlet"
            from $320 000
            On sale 173 apartments
            Al Habtoor Tower
            Al Habtoor Tower is a residential complex, located in Al Habtoor City
            from $510 000
            On sale 172 apartments
            Riviera Reve
            Riviera Reve is a complex of three residential skyscrapers with a separate entrance and reception area. The towers feature studios and apartments with 1, 2 and 3 beds. The facades are decorated with a vertical greenhouse
            from $440 000
            On sale 169 apartments
            Trillionaire Residences
            Trillionaire Residences is a stylish and luxurious residential complex in Business Bay in the heart of Dubai, a 10-minute walk from the South Ridge Park and the Bay Square business center
            from $370 000
            On sale 88 apartments
            Upside is a residential complex, located in the Business Bay
            from $310 000
            On sale 85 apartments
            SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences
            SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences is a 75-story premium residential and hotel complex with 946 apartments situated in the Business Bay area in the centre of Dubai, next to the Dubai Creek
            from $230 000
            On sale 72 apartments
            Canal Crown de GRISOGONO
            Canal Crown is a residential complex, located on the banks of Dubai Canal. The project is developed in collaboration with de GRISOGONO — a luxury brand founded in 1993
            from $590 000
            On sale 70 apartments
            Peninsula Three
            Peninsula Three is an apartment tower at the Peninsula residential complex in the Business Bay area
            from $240 000
            On sale 53 apartments
            Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co. Residences
            Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co. Residences is an apartment complex in the Business Bay area. Burj Binghatti offers a collection of exclusive apartments with 2-, 3-, 6-bedrooms, as well as penthouses with private pools
            from $2 230 000
            On sale 49 apartments
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            A fusion of business hub and residential haven can aptly describe Dubai's Business Bay district. Situated close to the Danube Canal, this locale draws comparisons to Manhattan in New York. Here, buildings seamlessly blend commercial, residential, and multifunctional elements in roughly equal measures.

            About area

            Dubai's most renowned and iconic attractions are within close proximity to Business Bay, just a short stroll away. The Downtown area, Burj Khalifa, Opera district, Dubai Mall are all within arm's reach. These sites possess an allure that transcends mere tourism, drawing you back repeatedly due to their irresistible charm.

            Likely the most defining characteristic of Business Bay, the Dubai Canal stands as an integral attraction that cannot be substituted. Spanning 3 kilometers, this artificial waterway serves as an efficient water transport network, connecting Business Bay with the city's more established regions.

            Living in Business Bay

            Within the district, you'll find two expansive shopping complexes, namely Bay Avenue Mall and Dubai Mall, housing numerous shops, restaurants, and spas. These venues offer not just shopping opportunities, but also the chance to stroll through a verdant park nestled right in the heart of the area. Additionally, a dedicated space for pet walks, known as Burj Park, is also present.

            Given the highly advanced nature of Business Bay as a bustling business district, significant emphasis has been placed on ensuring a streamlined transportation network. Public transportation options include the metro and buses, while private vehicles benefit from both free and paid parking facilities. For those seeking the beach, the closest public beach is Jumeirah Beach, a mere 15-minute drive away from Business Bay.

            Types of Apartments in Business Bay

            There are apartments, duplexes and penthouses in the area.


            If you're considering purchasing property in Dubai, whether it's for personal use or investment, our dedicated team is available to provide guidance. Don't hesitate to reach out to us at +7 (495) 431-99-33 when you're prepared to move forward. Our experienced professionals are fully committed to helping you discover the optimal options, and this personalized support is offered without any extra charges. Feel assured in contacting us as you begin your path toward becoming a property owner in Dubai.


            Who is the one person that assists me?

            Our consultants’ profound understanding and expertise in the local market establish them as a remarkable and indispensable source of guidance and assistance as you navigate the property acquisition process. Considering the substantial financial consequences of real estate ventures, it's vital to seek professional advice and carefully assess your choices before making commitments. You can rely on our consultants to steer you towards informed decisions, ensuring a prosperous and gratifying journey in acquiring property.

            How can I buy real estate in Business Bay?

            Enhance your quest for the right property by tapping into the expertise of our capable real estate experts. With a proven track record of customizing property options to precisely match your distinct requirements and preferences, they will also manage the organization of property viewings and offer continuous assistance during the documentation process. To benefit from these services, don't hesitate to contact us using the provided contact number: +7 (495) 431-99-33.

            What are the benefits of living in Business Bay?

            Venturing into Dubai's real estate within this region holds appeal for both families and individuals. In this aspect, the district is versatile. It is designed to ensure a convenient lifestyle for families with children, while simultaneously offering ample prospects for work and business endeavors.

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