Gaining momentum: Whitewill sales results in January

12 Feb 2024

January traditionally shows the lowest sales figures of the year. This is due to the long New Year holidays and the general state of relaxation when all important matters are postponed. But for us, this is not a reason to sell less. Many of our brokers in January 2024 worked with double effort.

In total, in January, we sold real estate for a total amount of 6,008,000,000 ₽. More than half – 58% — accounted for Moscow. The rest was distributed among the UAE, the UK, and the USA.

We repeated our result from January 2023. For most Russian agencies, such a figure would be a real breakthrough. But not for Whitewill, because the best of the best always compete with themselves.

Our annual sales plan is for 200 billion ₽ – that is our main motivation.

The game continues.