How to make money on flipping? Just write to Whitewill

06 Feb 2024

Among investors, flipping is growing in popularity. This is the name of the investment technique wherein a liquid lot is purchased at a discounted price, rapid, high-quality repairs are performed, and the asset is subsequently listed at a profit. By using this strategy, you can profit by, on average, 20% more than what you invested. Additionally, the entire procedure can be finished in 4-5 months.

We've listed the top 4 reasons to get in touch with Whitewill below.

1. Every apartment is known to us.

Our database of ready-made flats in Dubai is the largest one. Among them are not only the owners' real estate but also distressed lots that they need to get rid of quickly in order to get their money back. And because of the hurry of the sale, such real estate is traded at a discount to its true value. And flipping is the best use for it.

2. Spending less with us

Brokers with prior sales expertise are part of our secondary department team specifically for flipping. They are aware of which developers still have available flats in desirable places. Additionally, they can negotiate on the terms of the installment plan or obtain you a nice discount.

3. The entire cycle of flipping

We are not going to abandon you after purchasing an apartment to flip. We are going to create a plan for your investments. Next, we will recommend a repair team and reputable designers. We'll also let you know which places are more profitable to shop at for furniture, décor, and other little items.

4. We'll resell your asset

We will list the apartment for sale once it has been fully renovated. We will run our own advertisements on all marketplaces, internal media platforms, and add your property to the 7,600-person partner network's «Apartments for Living in Dubai» mailing list. Furthermore, we will undoubtedly resell your asset for a healthy profit.

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