110% more tenants in Dubai: Have you invested yet?

17 Jan 2024

Dubai is gradually becoming a landlord's market: the number of tenants has increased by 110% on an annual basis. Rental rates are predicted to grow by an average of 20%, with the pace slowing down slightly. In November alone, the overall transaction volume increased by 94% compared to the previous year. Additionally, landlords have increased their offerings by 91%. It's the perfect time to invest in an apartment for long-term or short-term rental. The city is developing, attracting people from around the world for a new life, and they are renting apartments. We will find you a tenant right after you receive the keys.

Flexible tenants

What is behind the sharp jump in the number of signed lease agreements by 94%? One reason is the more flexible payment terms that owners are increasingly offering. While the previous practice was an annual payment in a single check, now tenants are allowed to split the total amount into 4 or more payments. The number of such deals has increased by 21.4%, accounting for 31% of the total.

Even more investors

Now let's touch on the topic of sales in new developments. Owners have put 21% more real estate on the market than the previous month. The number of new buyers has increased by 53%, and the average prices for apartments do not exceed $544,000, making Dubai one of the most affordable real estate markets among global megacities.

New records

The average price per square meter has increased by 14% compared to the previous year, reaching a record high of $3,800. You won't find anything decent in Paris, London, or New York for that price. Dubai, on the other hand, offers an artificial lagoon within walking distance, a developed club infrastructure, or sea views.

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