A casino may be coming to Dubai

18 Jan 2024

On one of the peninsulas near the Burj Al Arab hotel, construction is currently underway. Three luxury hotels under the MGM brand, one of the leading casino operators in Las Vegas, will be built here. The project includes approximately 1000 hotel rooms, promenades, shopping alleys, a theater, restaurants, famous fountains with 3D shows, and luxurious beach clubs.

Whether a casino will be included remains an open question. However, with investments amounting to $1.2 billion from one of the major players in the gambling industry, there are speculations that Dubai, following Ras Al Khaimah, may open a casino on its maritime islands.

This news aligns with the sheikhs' plans to double the GDP over the next ten years. Gambling zones could attract hundreds of thousands of affluent players and further enhance Dubai's influence on the global tourism stage.

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