HOT LOT: 4 Townhouses in Damac Lagoons

17 Jan 2024

The Damac Lagoons project is an extensive complex of villas and townhouses located in the Golf City area of Dubai, divided into 12 clusters. Each cluster recreates the atmosphere of resort-like Mediterranean cities and is named after them – Nice, Monte Carlo, Ibiza, and others. We have 4 designer townhouses available that are suitable for both living and investment.

Designer residences

All townhouses are sold with designer finishes using premium materials in light tones: large-format tiles on the floor, and walls painted in white. They come equipped with all necessary plumbing and appliances. Thanks to high ceilings and panoramic windows, there will always be ample sunlight. All townhouses are sold with a garage and a private patio, where you can create a garden or set up a children's swimming pool.

Available options

• 4-bedroom lot of 212 m² in the Malta cluster – $539,000;

• 4-bedroom lot of 211 m² in the Malta cluster – $626,000;

• 4-bedroom lot of 215 m² in the Monte Carlo cluster – $569,000;

• 4-bedroom lot of 212 m² in the Mykonos cluster – $689,000.

Water world

One of the project's main features is an artificial lagoon with waterfalls, canals, beaches, and loungers in each cluster. Residents can enjoy activities such as ziplining over the water, jumping from aqua walls, fishing in designated areas, kayaking, snorkeling, surfing on artificial waves, and relaxing on inflatable mattresses.

Everything for life

Each resident can freely move to the adjacent city to dine at an Italian or Spanish waterfront restaurant or watch evening movies on boats. Floating offices, casino pavilions, water operas, clubhouses with fitness clubs and beauty salons, shopping centers with boutiques, and premium spa areas will be arranged for the residents.

If you want to receive floor plans, call +971 (4) 450-2640 and get a consultation.