Hudayriyat Island in Abu Dhabi: Advantages of the island

20 Jan 2024

Currently, the elongated island of Hudayriyat is 95% vast desert. However, within the next 5-7 years, it will become one of the main resort destinations and a central leisure hub in Abu Dhabi. Kilometers of luxurious beaches, amusement parks, a vast surfing pool, glamping sites, waterfront dining avenues, and much more will be introduced.

The island is divided into three parts: West, Central, and East. The entire entertainment and sports infrastructure will be located in the West zone. The Central part will house communities with villas and townhouses, while the East is still in development.

Marine lifestyle

For carefree beach leisure, head to the Marsana waterfront, where a water park and several pools are set up. Here, you'll find cycling tracks, a skate park, beach volleyball, jet ski rides, inflatable banana rides, as well as a workout zone. In the evening, the waterfront offers a fantastic view of the sunset. Moreover, restaurants, cafes, exhibitions, and expos are open here.

Diverse island

Sports and extreme enthusiasts will also find activities to enjoy. For instance, Ropes Park offers a three-level rope course with 31 obstacles, a 100-meter zip line, and a 15-meter rock climbing wall. BMX Park is one of the largest pump tracks in the UAE – the perfect spot for an exhilarating ride. Your children will undoubtedly enjoy Splash Park, where they can have fun on the playground and water attractions.

New residential island

Currently, there is almost no development on Hudayriyat Island, but soon news of new projects on the island will flood in. Elite villa communities will emerge, strategically placed at different elevations to ensure all residents enjoy sea views. There will also be homes with residences, marinas, and private beaches.

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