Indian investors lead top real estate investors in Dubai in 2023

12 Feb 2024

According to the latest data from Betterhomes, Indian real estate investors have surpassed Russians and taken the top spot among leading property buyers in Dubai in 2023. Statistics show that the 2nd and 3rd places belong to British and Russian buyers respectively. Now, let's delve into the details and discuss why this is important for investors.

Everything flows, everything changes

In 2022, Russian, British, and Indian investors dominated the Dubai real estate market, occupying the top 3 positions. In other words, citizens of these countries were the most frequent buyers of apartments and houses. In 2022 and 2023, Dubai experienced strong demand, resulting in villa and apartment prices reaching record levels in 2023.

Villa price growth

In 2023, average villa prices increased by 15-30%. Due to limited supply, properties in Arabian Ranches saw the strongest appreciation at 25%, Dubai Hills Estate at 29%, and JVT at 29%. An exception to the rule: villas on the Palm saw a 74% increase in price. However, homes in Jumeirah Golf Estates decreased by 1%.

Apartment price growth

Average apartment sale prices also increased by 8% to 20% depending on the location. The most significant price increases were observed in properties:

• 17% in Downtown;

• 21% in Dubai Hills Estate;

• 21% in Jumeirah Golf Estate.

Why it matters for investors

Dubai is thriving and evolving. Tourists from around the world visit here, people from other countries find new homes, and start families. They all initially rent apartments, and then buy them. Property prices are significantly lower here than in other megacities. The local market still has enormous potential for growth. Strike while the iron is hot. Invest and earn with us.

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