Open a branch in the UAE: we will find the perfect space for your business

08 Feb 2024

Over the past 2 years, many large companies from Russia have opened their branches or representative offices in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Some of them bought or rented premises for their business with Whitewill. They are attracted by the simplified tax burden, ease of doing business, a new significant market, and our impeccable service.

If you are an entrepreneur considering opening a branch in the UAE, just write to us in the chat, and we will find the perfect space for you within your budget. We will also advise you on documents, timelines, and other matters.

Helping your business

With us, you can buy or rent an office, retail space, or retail outlet in the most popular locations, business clusters, or residential areas. Our database contains the most comprehensive collection of commercial real estate. There are options in shopping centers, residential complexes, office skyscrapers, and shopping alleys.

Guidance in the early stages

If the UAE market, like the country as a whole, is new to you, our experts will advise you on taxes, the economy, banks, and the market upon your first contact. They will tell you what documents you need to prepare, how much money to budget for opening a company, how the hiring process works, and other nuances.

We are not experts in relocating businesses to another country, but our experts have basic knowledge in this area. Some of them have similar cases when companies from Russia, together with us, bought an office in Dubai.

And your request to purchase premises for opening a branch will be forwarded to specialized brokers.