Ras Al Khaimah is poised to become the city of weddings: invest now while RAK is on the rise

23 Apr 2024

Ras Al Khaimah has the potential to emerge as the premier wedding destination in the UAE and the Arab world as a whole, according to a top executive from Al Hamra, the developer. This is being facilitated by government initiatives to enhance tourist infrastructure and the city's array of advantages: sea and mountains, luxurious hotels, the imminent opening of a casino, picturesque locations, and world-class leisure and entertainment establishments.

The city's wedding identity is taking shape

Al Hamra Investment Company has already organized several major weddings in 2023, leading to full bookings of hotel rooms for the duration of the ceremonies. The image of Ras Al Khaimah as a wedding destination is already taking shape. Wealthy families from the UAE and affluent individuals from other Arab countries are keen on celebrating their festivities here.

Why this matters for investors

A consistent influx of tourists to Ras Al Khaimah represents earning potential for investors. We offer our clients the opportunity to invest in premium projects at minimal prices. After receiving the keys, we assist you in establishing a short-term rental business, enabling you to earn annual returns of 10-12% or more.

Where to invest now

Currently, on Al Marjan Island, the resort complex Nikki Beach and the Rosso Bay residence are under construction. This presents one of the most lucrative investment opportunities: with a nearby casino, a private beach at the residence, and stunning views of the Persian Gulf from the apartments.