What is Nikki Beach famous for? Branded tower coming to Ras Al Khaimah

01 Feb 2024

If you're a big fan of beach culture, then you're probably familiar with the Nikki Beach brand, known for its vibrant shows and everlasting festive atmosphere. In 1998, American entrepreneur Jack Penrod founded the company in Miami to open luxurious beach clubs in Florida's major cities. The concept resonated so well with tourists that the trend for beach clubs spread worldwide.

Luxurious relaxation

At the heart of Nikki Beach's concept lies a harmonious blend of live music, premium restaurants, a plethora of entertainment, fashion, cinema, and art. And all this festive kaleidoscope takes place on the world's best beaches: in local pavilions and tents. All against the backdrop of tropical seas or oceans.

Signature cuisine

In all Nikki Beach clubs, you'll find a rich selection of restaurants and bars offering signature cuisine with an emphasis on freshly prepared seafood and healthy salads. And on Sundays, they host brunches – decadent feasts with live culinary stations and entertainment.

Fashion runway

If you're a shopping enthusiast, head to the local Lifestyle boutiques, where you'll find branded polo shirts, t-shirts, designer clothing, and swimwear for men and women, towels, headwear, beach bags, accessories, and much more.

With love for art

Nikki Beach's dedication to art is expressed in many forms, from supporting local artists to organizing exhibitions. Hotel interiors are adorned with paintings and art objects by local artists.

In 25 years, Nikki Beach has opened 11 beach clubs and 5 branded hotels with residences. And soon, a Nikki Beach club house will appear in Ras Al Khaimah. You can attend the project presentation, which will take place on December 1-2 in Moscow.

How to attend the meeting:

1. Call +971 (4) 450-2640.

2. You will be consulted and sent an invitation.

3. On December 1-2, choose a convenient time and attend the meeting with Aldar.

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