What to purchase for capital gains as an investor: we examine the various kinds of real estate

06 Feb 2024

Investors make up more than half of all real estate purchasers in Dubai. Some of them purchase items to be rented out later; you can learn more about this here. The remainder should buy condos with a healthy margin for resale. See which kind of property works best with this approach by reading on.


Any return on investment calculations are merely projections. Additionally, they are impacted by a number of small details such as the project's class, location, club occupancy, competitive atmosphere, apartment layout, and installment plan. Purchasing units at the beginning of excavation is the best option for resale. Better yet, in closed drains that stay out of the marketplace.

What option should I select?

Villas and townhouses should be disregarded because there is less of a market for them and their prices rise more slowly. Large investors do, however, put money into the Ramhan Island project or the Villas on the Palm Tree since they are a unique offering on the market. The former have seen price increases of 4 times or more, while the latter are anticipated to expand by a factor of 100.

You should budget for a 20% annual price increase when purchasing an apartment. In a year, lots in some of the most well-liked projects in the heart of Dubai, including Central Park, can grow by 100%. And these are the cases we have.

Where can I purchase?

The central and upscale parts of Dubai have the fastest rates of price growth for main real estate. For instance, on Palm Jumeirah, Bluewaters, Downtown, Creek Harbour, and JLT. Among the more promising ones is Al Jurf, which is situated halfway between Abu Dhabi and Dubai and offers villas starting at $1,150,000. This is less expensive than going rates.

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