Whitewill in Oman: Green mountains, deals, and a client testimonial

16 May 2024

Twice we have taken our team of brokers from Abu Dhabi to Oman to familiarize them with the local market. Both trips were filled with meetings with developers, but we also made sure to acquaint ourselves with the natural beauty of the region.

Transactions in a new market

Just an hour's flight from Dubai, Oman offers dramatically different landscapes, with flora and fauna leaning towards the tropical. The green misty mountains, waterfalls, and lakes evoke the atmosphere of Bali. Additionally, you can encounter green turtles and other wildlife, as if you were on an island in the Indian Ocean.

In April, we closed a series of deals in Muscat and Salalah. For instance, one investor purchased an apartment with us in the Yiti complex on the shores of the Gulf of Oman and shared his motivations for choosing Oman over Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Investor’s perspective: Why I invested in Oman

I bought the apartment for resale. If the capital appreciation reaches 30% or more, I'll find a buyer. If not, I will rent it out. There was also a personal motivation: I've long wanted to own property by the sea in a country with a warm climate where I can weather any crisis.

Initially, I considered Abu Dhabi, but it was too expensive. Everyone loves Dubai, but the media hype around it put me off. The Asian market didn’t inspire confidence, as there is no guarantee the projects will be completed.

Against this backdrop, I turned my attention to Oman: a stable economy, a strong oil sector, and many wealthy neighboring countries that encourage growth. Plus, I never liked the desert landscapes of the Emirates. I enjoy hiking, fishing, diving, cycling, and being outdoors. Oman, with its mountains and mild climate, suits me better. After all, it’s the Indian Ocean.

I also appreciate the low-rise architecture in the style of Arabian tales. Skyscrapers are not for me. Moreover, the cost of living in Oman is comparable to that in Russia.

That’s why I chose Oman.

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