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            Jasmine Lane, Elie Saab Edition
            Q3 2024
            Jasmine Lane, Elie Saab Edition is a collection of exquisite villas, located in the world renowned Jumeirah Golf Estates golf community
            from $1 000 000
            Dolce Vita
            Dolce Vita is a branded residential and hotel complex from the developer Vincitore
            from $310 000
            On sale 22 apartments
            Elevate is a residential complex, nestled near comforting greenery in the heart of Arjan
            from $150 000
            Divine Living
            Q4 2024
            Divine Living is a 118-apartment complex in the modern Arjan community near the popular Miracle and Butterfly Gardens. The architecture of the project in discreet classical colors harmoniously fits into the surroundings
            from $300 000
            Jannat is a new residential development in the Midtown community in the dynamic Production City area. This is the main media area of Dubai with a developed infrastructure, business centers, and entertainment facilities
            from $250 000
            On sale 74 apartments
            Serenity Mansions
            Serenity Mansions is a collection of exquisite villas in the new area of Tilal Al Ghaf, among half a million square meters of green parks and walking paths
            from $6 560 000
            On sale 7 villas
            Rukan Maison
            Rukan Maison is a residential complex in the Rukan Community gated area in Dubailand. Three 38-meter high interconnected towers are immersed in the greenery of parks, jogging and cycling paths permeate the entire territory of the complex
            from $200 000
            The Haven
            The Haven is a complex of two 9-storey buildings in the heart of the Dubailand community, where a tranquil lifestyle without the hustle and bustle of the city is in harmony with numerous amenities and developed infrastructure
            from $150 000
            On sale 16 apartments
            Nima The Valley
            Nima The Valley — коллекция таунхаусов в семейном сообществе The Valley. Дома будут располагаться вдоль благоустроенного экологического пространства в виде искусственных прудов с дикой растительностью, обилием лужаек с газоном, тропических деревьев и куст
            from $570 000
            Jouri Hills
            Jouri Hills is a collection of villas and townhouses in exclusive Jumeirah Golf Estates
            from $1 110 000
            On sale 20 townhouses
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            Utilizing the expertise of our capable online consultants is highly recommended. Their deep understanding and expertise in the local real estate landscape position them as exceptional and indispensable reservoirs of advice and aid while you maneuver through the property acquisition journey. Given the substantial financial implications of real estate ventures, procuring professional help and thoroughly assessing your choices prior to any commitments becomes crucial. Allow our advisors to guide you in making well-informed choices, ensuring a fruitful and gratifying property procurement endeavor.

            How can I buy real estate in Dubai Land?

            Optimize your property search process and simplify it by leveraging the expertise of our proficient real estate experts. They specialize in curating a customized array of properties that impeccably match your distinct requirements and desires. Moreover, they will manage all the logistics for property viewings and offer continuous assistance throughout the documentation procedures. To avail yourself of these services, don't hesitate to contact us at the provided phone number: +7 (495) 431-99-33.

            What are the benefits of living in Dubai Land?

            The district is recognized as an entertainment and tourist district, boasting a well-developed internal infrastructure. Similar to other residential neighborhoods, Dubailand features pedestrian and bicycle paths, as well as fitness centers.

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