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            apartments Q2 2027
            Fashionz is a 56-story residential tower in the Jumeirah Village Triangle from the renowned developer Danube
            from $260 000
            On sale 150 apartments
            Red Square Tower
            Red Square Tower is a residential complex in the picturesque Jumeirah Village Triangle neighborhood of Dubai. The project consists of two 34-storey towers. The buildings are connected by a snow-white podium and include 836 modern residences
            from $170 000
            On sale 115 apartments
            FH Residency
            FH Residency is a modern residential complex with 293 residences in the quiet community of Jumeirah Village Triangle. The 24-storey tower is surrounded by a multi-level podium decorated with white panels combined with black lattice panels
            from $180 000
            On sale 75 apartments
            LUM1NAR is a 20-storey residential development comprising 196 apartments in the popular area of Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT)
            from $240 000
            On sale 68 apartments
            Sonate Residences
            Sonate Residences is a modern 27-story apartment complex located in the Jumeirah Village Triangle area. The glass tower reflects the sunlight, making the building stand out against the urban backdrop
            from $200 000
            On sale 32 apartments
            W1nner is a 20-story single-building apartment complex located in the Jumeirah Village Triangle area. The light minimalist architecture looks presentable and modern. The facade features cantilevered balconies framed with additional illuminated structures
            from $290 000
            On sale 32 apartments
            Rosemont Residences
            Rosemont Residences is a residential building with excellent interior designs and in a family-oriented community. The complex is located in the new quiet area of Dubai Jumeirah Village Triangle
            from $510 000
            On sale 3 apartments
            Samana Miami Phase II
            Samana Miami Phase II is a residential complex in the dynamically developing Jumeirah Village Triangle community. The 5-storey L-shaped building forms a private courtyard located on a two-level podium
            from $340 000
            On sale 2 apartments
            Belmont is a five-storey high-end complex with 68 apartments in the Jumeirah Village Triangle area. The complex offers studios and 1-2-bedroom apartments
            from $400 000
            On sale 1 apartment
            Park One
            Park One is a residential complex in the picturesque Jumeirah Village Triangle neighborhood. The 5-storey building is designed in a modern minimalist style and decorated with wood paneling and spacious glass enclosed balconies
            from $490 000
            On sale 1 apartment
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            Jumeirah Village Triangle is embracing a rustic style, the area exudes a warm and inviting ambiance, creating picturesque and charming streets. Despite its quaint appearance, Jumeirah Village Triangle offers premium-class housing options for sale, complete with all modern amenities for a luxurious lifestyle.

            About area

            -The Jumeirah Village Triangle area offers a tranquil and leisurely environment, adorned with numerous picturesque gardens. For beach enthusiasts, there's great news - the beach is just a 20-minute drive away.

            - Situated near Dubai's main roads, the area provides easy access to various attractions across the city. Moreover, with its enclosed territory, Jumeirah Village Triangle stands out as one of the safest havens for families with children in Dubai. The well-maintained and pristine landscapes, abundant with green spaces, contribute to its eco-friendly charm, with neatly trimmed trees and shrubs enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

            Living in JVT

            Although the district exudes a secluded and peaceful ambiance, giving the impression of being on the outskirts with limited infrastructure, this perception couldn't be farther from the truth. In reality, it boasts a well-developed and comprehensive infrastructure, providing all the amenities necessary for a comfortable life. Residents can easily reach any part of the city, and even the airport is conveniently just a 20-minute drive away.

            The Jumeirah Village Triangle, nestled within a protected enclave, boasts an array of exquisitely designed houses, a testament to the ingenuity of skilled designers and architects involved in its development. Families with children find this area particularly appealing as it already houses schools and kindergartens, ensuring convenient access to education. The community places a strong emphasis on sports enthusiasts, offering amenities like golf courses, fitness centers, well-equipped playgrounds, and dedicated sports tracks.

            Types of Apartments in JVT

            There are apartments, penthouses and villas in the area.


            If you're intrigued by the idea of owning property in Dubai, whether it's for personal use or as an investment opportunity, our team is here to assist you. Feel free to reach out to us at +971 (4) 450-2640. Our knowledgeable experts are committed to helping you find the optimal choices, providing personalized support at every step of the way, and that too without any additional commission fees. Don't hesitate to get in touch and start your journey towards property ownership in Dubai.


            Who is the right person to assist me?

            We highly recommend getting in touch with our skilled online consultants. Their extensive knowledge and experience in the local market make them the perfect resource to offer you invaluable guidance and assistance throughout your property buying process. Considering the significant financial implications of property investments, it is crucial to seek professional help and thoroughly evaluate your options before making any commitments. Let our consultants help you make well-informed decisions and ensure a successful property buying experience.

            How can I buy real estate in JVT?

            When it comes to finding the ideal property while saving valuable time, we recommend seeking the assistance of our skilled real estate specialist. This knowledgeable professional is committed to tailoring a customized selection of properties that precisely align with your unique preferences and needs. Furthermore, they will handle the coordination of property viewings and provide support throughout the document preparation phase. To avail yourself of these services, get in touch with us at the following contact number: +971 (4) 450-2640

            What are the benefits of living in JVT?

            Jumeirah Village Triangle, an expanding district in Dubai, has witnessed rapid development since its construction initiation in 2005. The area has seen successful completion of numerous projects by the developer. Notably, this is one of the rare regions in Dubai that permits residents to own and walk pets, with convenient access to pet stores and veterinary clinics in the vicinity.

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