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            Dubai Motor City, also known as Motor City or MC, stands as an exclusive residential district comprising low-rise buildings in Dubai. Developed by Union Properties, its core concept revolves around motorsport, making it a prominent hub for this theme in Dubai. As such, it holds the distinction of being the most significant motorsport-oriented facility in the city.

            About area

            MC is not only an outstanding residential location but also a harmonious fusion of excellent infrastructure and a serene lifestyle. It proves to be an ideal destination for families and young individuals who are yet to marry or prioritize their careers and entrepreneurial pursuits.

            Motor City proudly embraces the label of a pet-friendly community, warmly welcoming pet owners into its fold. For instance, even dog owners have the option to lease apartments in this residential district. The district boasts ample open spaces that provide an ideal setting for pet strolls and leisurely walks, ensuring a pleasant experience for both residents and their beloved animal companions.

            Living in Motor City

            Situated inside the community, the First Avenue shopping center stands as a contemporary two-floor establishment, featuring an internal open boulevard designed in the European style. With an exclusive focus on cars, this shopping center hosts over 50 diverse retail outlets, and boasts more than 15 restaurants and cafes, offering a delightful array of delectable dishes. Whether you're with family or friends, the First Avenue shopping center promises an enjoyable and memorable experience for all.

            Local residents frequently rely on taxis or private vehicles for commuting since there are currently no metro stations within the community. However, there are several conveniently located bus stops along the F37 bus route, offering an alternative means to reach the Mall Of Emirates metro station for those seeking public transportation options.

            Types of Apartments in Motor City

            There are apartments, townhouses and villas in the area.


            If the idea of acquiring property in Dubai has crossed your mind, be it for personal use or investment purposes, rest assured that we are readily available to offer our support. Do not hesitate to contact us at +7 (495) 431-99-33. Our team of proficient specialists will go the extra mile to ensure you discover the most fitting choices and receive personalized assistance throughout the entire process, all while being considerate of your needs and without imposing any commission fees.


            What are the benefits of living in Motor City?

            People from various nationalities and age groups coexist harmoniously in this community. The real estate in Dubai Motor City caters to those who prioritize a healthy lifestyle, offering an array of outdoor sports facilities. It's remarkable that the once desert site is now enveloped in lush greenery, cultivating an ambiance of tranquility and calm. Within this community, one will find a harmonious blend of beautiful gardens, stone-paved paths, as well as parks and recreational spaces designed for families with children.

            How can I obtain real estate in Motor City?

            If you want to make your property search more efficient and save time, it's recommended to seek guidance from our real estate specialist. They can help you by creating a customized list of properties that match your specific criteria, scheduling property viewings, and offering assistance with document preparation. To avail of these services, all you need to do is get in touch with us via the following phone number: +7 (495) 431-99-33.

            Who should I reach out to for help?

            If you need assistance, we recommend getting in touch with our online consultant. Our consultants are well-versed in the local market and have extensive experience, making them capable of providing you with valuable guidance and support throughout the entire property buying process. Given that purchasing property is a significant investment, it is essential to seek professional assistance and conduct thorough due diligence before making any decisions.

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