Creek Harbour district in Dubai

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14 Nov 2023
14 Nov 2023
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Dubai has emerged as a magnetic destination for a multitude of expatriates and investors alike. The city's appeal is underpinned by factors such as a robust economy, a flourishing real estate market, swift acquisition of residency permits, security, and pristine beaches, rendering it one of the most enticing locales for residence and capital investment. In this article, we delve into the prospects of the Creek Harbour area, renowned for its nature reserve and iconic skyscrapers.

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Overview of the district

Creek Harbour stands as a contemporary residential precinct situated along the shores of the Dubai Creek, encompassing a sprawling 550-hectare expanse. With approximately 650,000 residents and professionals inhabiting its boundaries, Creek Harbour boasts a compelling array of attractions. Many are drawn to this locale due to its close proximity to the Ras Al Khor Nature Reserve, an abundance of leisurely walking areas, and an extensive infrastructure. Presently, Creek Harbour is hailed as one of Dubai's burgeoning regions. While its architectural landscape is still evolving, the fusion of verdant park spaces, inviting villas, and futuristic skyscrapers renders it an appealing choice for both residence and investment.

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Glimpse at the developer

The master developer behind Creek Harbour is none other than Emaar Properties, a prominent development company renowned for its monumental undertakings, including the development of the Downtown and Dubai Marina districts, as well as iconic projects such as the world's tallest structure, Burj Khalifa, and the world's largest shopping hub, Dubai Mall.

Throughout the design and construction phases of Creek Harbour, the developer exhibited a commitment to establishing a harmonious living environment. This commitment revolves around striking a delicate equilibrium between recreation and the bustling pace of metropolitan life. Furthermore, environmental consciousness is a cornerstone of the development, with many facilities within Creek Harbour harnessing solar energy and featuring specialized water filtration systems.

Resident insights on life in the district  

Resident sentiments toward Creek Harbour are largely affirmative, with a noticeable appreciation for the numerous leisurely walking areas and the prevalence of greenery. Families with children often select Creek Harbour due to its proximity to educational institutions in adjacent areas and the availability of parks for shared leisure activities. Among the few drawbacks cited by locals are the transient noise and dust from ongoing construction projects.

Creek Waters residential project

Advantages of Creek Harbour

Recreational delights  

Creek Harbour offers an array of leisure opportunities for both residents and visitors. Stroll through the park, wander along the well-appointed waterfront, or venture to Ras Al Khor to marvel at the graceful pink flamingos. For those inclined toward a more active lifestyle, outdoor sports facilities, jogging tracks, and cycling paths have been thoughtfully arranged. Additionally, you have the option to rent a boat from the yacht club for an exhilarating voyage along the Persian Gulf.

Residential appeal  

Creek Harbour stands out as one of the most coveted residential areas, drawing the interest of both locals and expatriates. Its allure emanates from its close proximity to central districts, well-developed infrastructure, captivating waterfronts, and the neighboring nature reserve. Remarkably, the district caters to a diverse demographic, making it suitable for young individuals and families with children. A mere 20-minute drive will transport you to the business hub, while schools and kindergartens are conveniently situated within 10-15 minutes.

Business prospects  

Presently, Creek Harbour is a thriving business hub, offering commercial real estate options at more competitive rates than Downtown or Business Bay. Those contemplating the purchase of office or warehouse spaces can anticipate substantial appreciation in their value over time.

Creek Harbour's infrastructure  

The adjacent Dubai Festival City district houses the prominent Dubai Festival City Mall, which serves as the nearest major shopping destination. Within its confines, you'll find an expansive supermarket, a diverse array of branded boutiques spanning various price ranges, an Ikea outlet specializing in furniture and household goods, an assortment of restaurants, a food court, a children's play area, and a cinema.

The culinary spectrum extends beyond the mall, with Creek Harbour boasting numerous dining establishments garnering excellent reviews. Whether you wish to rendezvous with friends at a café or enjoy a family dinner at a restaurant, you'll find a wealth of options within the district. Consider savoring Middle Eastern cuisine at The Courtyard gastrobar or relishing breakfast on the terrace of The Next Door Kitchen café, while soaking in scenic vistas of palm trees and the waterfront.

Healthcare is catered to by the comprehensive Mediclinic Creek Harbour, a multidisciplinary medical center serving the entire family. It features a wide array of highly specialized medical professionals and offers programs encompassing check-ups and pregnancy management.

For adherents of a health-conscious lifestyle, Creek Harbour provides the SOULMATES yoga, Pilates, and stretching studio, as well as the Mayweather Boxing + Fitness gym.

Orchid residential development

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Schools and additional amenities for families with children

In Creek Harbour, educational institutions have not yet been established. The closest schools are Deira International School and Universal American School, both situated in the neighboring Dubai Festival City district. At Universal American School, emphasis is placed on tailoring the educational experience to the individual student. Students have the flexibility to select their development trajectory and engage in elective courses. The school boasts several art studios, a science laboratory, language courses, sports segments, a ceramics studio, and even a recording studio equipped with a radio station.

Deira International School is dedicated to creating an inclusive, multicultural environment that fosters each student's potential. The school provides an extensive array of elective courses and sports activities, including swimming, rugby, football, cricket, basketball, computer classes, drama workshops, and music lessons.

For preschool-age children, Creek Harbour offers Maple Bear Nursery, which implements an early development program characterized by a personalized approach to each child.


Creek Harbour enjoys close proximity to the Ras Al Khor Nature Reserve, where visitors from around the globe gather to witness the mesmerizing sight of pink flamingos set against the backdrop of contemporary skyscrapers. Ras Al Khor is a sanctuary for over 250 species of plants and hosts a diverse array of more than 450 different bird and animal species. The reserve can be conveniently reached by car within 10-15 minutes, or you can savor its beauty from the vantage point of the Creek Harbour waterfront observation deck.

Transport access  

The advantageous location of Creek Harbour ensures rapid connectivity to nearly every corner of the city. Downtown Dubai can be reached within a 20-minute drive, while DXB Airport is conveniently accessible within 10-15 minutes. Future plans include extending the green metro line to the district itself, though presently, the nearest station is Creek.

Real estate for buying  

Creek Waters  

Creek Waters encompasses a residential complex comprising two 50-story towers, affording direct access to Dubai Creek Bay. Within this development, you can select from apartments ranging from 1 to 4 bedrooms or opt for a lavish penthouse boasting 5 bedrooms. Each unit is delivered with bespoke finishes, integrated appliances, and plumbing fixtures.

The residential complex offers an extensive infrastructure designed to enhance daily living and leisure. You can indulge in a private cinema experience or unwind by the infinity swimming pool while your children revel in the shaded playground. Engage in physical activities at the well-appointed gym or the outdoor yoga area, with health specialists available at the wellness center for your well-being.

Completion – 3rd quarter of 2027.

Creek Waters

Creek Waters 2

Creek Waters 2 is a residential complex consisting of two high-rises connected by a shared podium featuring a landscaped rooftop. Within this development, you can acquire elegant apartments spanning 1 to 4 bedrooms, spacious 5-bedroom penthouses, or 3-bedroom townhouses. Each unit is thoughtfully adorned with designer finishes in inviting color palettes, as well as fitted appliances and plumbing.

Relax on the sun-soaked terrace adjacent to the infinity pool, host delightful barbecue evenings on a dedicated platform, or take leisurely strolls along the waterfront. If a healthy lifestyle is your preference, you'll appreciate the gym housed in a separate pavilion, affording vistas of the azure swimming pool.

Completion – 4th quarter of 2027.

Creek Waters 2

Guidelines for property purchasing in Dubai

  • once you've selected a property, initiate a reservation by remitting 10-15% of its value; 
  • developer will provide you with a Booking Form delineating your unit and an invoice for payment;
  • proceed to make the initial payment and satisfy a one-time 4% tax to the Land Department, which will furnish you with an OQOOD document, akin to a certificate of ownership for a property under construction;
  • you'll enter into SPA contracts with the developer, making periodic payments as your prospective home takes shape.


What is the starting price of apartments in Creek Harbour?

The cost of a 1-bedroom apartment in Creek Harbour commences at $340,000.

Is investing in Creek Harbour financially rewarding?

Certainly. Long-term leasing of apartments yields an average annual return of 5%. For those considering property resale, potential returns can range between 20-30% of the initial investment.

How should one choose an apartment for investment?

Opt for studios and 1-bedroom apartments, as they typically exhibit the highest demand. Additionally, consider specific apartment attributes, finish quality, and the nearby infrastructure.


Creek Harbour represents a contemporary and evolving area well-suited for both residence and investment. If you are in search of property within this locale, do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated brokers. They will curate the finest options for you, with a commitment to service that is both heartfelt and devoid of commission fees.