Al Raha Beach in Abu Dhabi: Advantages of the district

13 Feb 2024

The resort area of Al Raha Beach, with its premium islands along the beachfront, is chosen for living by enthusiasts of sea views and beach lifestyles. Here, modern clubhouses are interspersed with family townhouses and elite hotels. The beaches are dotted with yacht marinas. Local residents stroll along the waterfront, enjoy the sea landscapes, and go on cruises. And this area is ready to compete for the location of your future home.

Beach aesthetics

The Al Raha Beach district consists of 10 artificial islands connected by convenient roads. Some islands are undeveloped, but on the developed ones, you will find beautiful private beaches with sun loungers, changing cabins, and waterfront restaurants. The best beach in the area is the eponymous Al Raha Beach, from where you can enjoy views of the sea and the southern coast of Yas Island.

Shopping at home

Local residents don't have to go far for basic supplies, which can always be bought at the Al Raha Mall with trendy boutiques, restaurants, a cinema, and entertainment venues located in the eastern part of the district. Here, you can also visit a beauty salon for a new manicure, take vocal lessons at a music studio, or work out at a fitness club.

Relaxation in the green park

Since the area is almost entirely made up of islands, the main relaxation points here are sandy beaches. However, you can also find green landscaped parks with children's playgrounds, running tracks, and quiet relaxation areas. One of them is Al Raha Park, where you can enjoy a run or a stroll with a young child.