Apartments for rent: 3 units with renovation and water views

29 Apr 2024

Looking to lease a spacious apartment with impeccable finishing and a view of the sea or water canal? Our rental department has curated a selection of 3 such apartments, situated in stylish towers with thoughtful club amenities.

Dubai Marina | 250 m² | 3 bedrooms

This expansive duplex apartment is available on the lower floors of the yacht complex Vida Residences near Dubai Marina Mall. Enjoy a generous lounge terrace overlooking the water canal and marina, perfect for starting the day with a workout or alfresco breakfast. All rooms come fully furnished. Amenities include a landscaped swimming pool, restaurants, spa with saunas, and a green courtyard.

Price: $177,000 per year

Creek Harbour | 104 m² | 2 bedrooms

A scenic apartment with a spacious kitchen-living area and panoramic windows is for rent on a high floor of Address Harbour Point Tower 1. Enjoy stunning views of Burj Khalifa and Dubai's skyline from cozy balconies facing Dubai Canal. The apartment features a ready-made renovation in light tones, furniture, and all necessary appliances. Amenities include a swimming pool, fitness club, and spa.

Price: $63,000 per year

Creek Harbour | 109 m² | 2 bedrooms

Another scenic apartment with accent furniture and stylish decor is available for rent on a high floor of Palace Residence tower. Everything is ready for move-in: furniture, appliances, lounge areas on balconies, and even indoor plants. Rooms are adorned with artwork. Enjoy views of the artificial lagoon, beaches, and Dubai skyline.

Price: $56,000 per year