How life is on Bluewaters? Oleg Torbosov will tell on his channel

29 Jan 2024

Since moving to Dubai, Whitewill founder Oleg Torbosov has been living on Bluewaters Island. This paradise is unlike any other area in the city: secluded, private, right by the sea, with thoughtful infrastructure and beautiful green landscapes. That's why Oleg hasn't changed his address for over 2 years now. And he infects others with his love for Bluewaters.

If you have $2-3 million to buy an apartment in Dubai, and you're still choosing a location, we recommend taking a look at Bluewaters Island. Here you'll find a dense selection of restaurants catering to everyone's tastes: 50 per thousand residents. And each one is more beautiful than the last. To better understand the island's aesthetics, take a look at these photos. Oleg currently has 18 apartments on Bluewaters at various stages of readiness — one of which you can purchase.

Russian-speaking people will feel comfortable living on Bluewaters Island, where half of the residents are from CIS countries. Plus, one of the best beaches in Dubai is here. There's never a dull moment by the sea on Bluewaters, as local beach clubs provide entertainment with pools, restaurants, and live music.

If you want to buy an apartment on Bluewaters, call +971 (4) 450-2640 for a consultation.