The future fund of Oman at $5,2 billion – Government investments boost the market

07 May 2024

The authorities of Oman have established the Future Fund of Oman worth $5,2 billion, from which national investment projects will be financed over the next 5 years. Additionally, 10% of the capital will be allocated to support small and medium-sized businesses and investments in startups. Furthermore, one of the main responsibilities of the Future Fund is to attract direct investments.

Against this backdrop, we advise investors to invest in Oman's real estate while the country actively develops its tourism sector.

8 crucial sectors

The Future Fund has identified 8 critically important sectors of the economy for investment: tourism, manufacturing, green energy, fisheries, agriculture, ports and logistics, mining industry, information and communication technologies. Its goal is to revitalize these sectors and attract international investors.

Economic diversification

Following the footsteps of the Emirates, Oman aims to diversify its economy to reduce the share of oil dollars in the overall GDP in favor of other sectors. Therefore, the Fund does not plan to invest money in the oil industry. It is strategically focused on supporting the private sector, attracting foreign direct investment, supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, and developing venture capital.

The official page of the fund with the opportunity to apply for investors can be found through the link.

Why this matters for investors

In Oman's major cities – Muscat and Salalah – there is currently low competition in the new property market. There is no secondary market yet, the market is still forming, prices are lower than in Dubai, plus the climate is milder and tropical.

We see tremendous potential in Oman's real estate, which is poised to skyrocket in the next 5-7 years. Therefore, investing should be done at an early stage while the country is on the rise.