Property owners in Abu Dhabi: We'll sell or rent your estate advantageously

05 Mar 2024

If you're a proprietor of an apartment or villa in Abu Dhabi and want either leasing or selling it, there's no need for you to seek elsewhere; we'll handle everything on your behalf. We orchestrate turnkey transactions, register agreements with the Land Department ourselves, and oversee payments. Your task will merely entail endorsing documents and reaping profits.

Elevating the apartment's appeal

We can lease or sell your apartment unfurnished, yet if such an option doesn't suit you, we'll engage our partner, Within 2 weeks, they'll curate a selection of necessary furniture for each room and devise spatial arrangements based on specific lifestyle scenarios. They'll delineate areas for work, relaxation, gatherings, and dining.

Presenting the apartment for market

Once all furniture is delivered to the apartment, we'll conduct home staging. This is a pre-sale property enhancement technique that transforms vacant spaces into vibrant living areas. Following home staging, we'll arrange an interior photoshoot and produce around 20-30 compelling shots: a teapot and a pair of cups may adorn the kitchen, a bouquet of flowers with a note on the table in the bedroom, and an incomplete puzzle in the children's room.

We handle the paperwork hassles

Once we secure the perfect tenant or buyer, we'll initiate transaction preparation. You won't have to worry about document packages, contract drafting, submission to the Land Department, and so forth. We take care of all the paperwork hassle. We'll draft the contract, receive payment, and register it ourselves. And we won't charge you a penny for our services.