Redrafted data with DLD and assisted in selling the apartment: Whitewill transaction story

12 Mar 2024

The recent case of broker Alexey Zubenko closely resembles a narrative from the life of a clandestine agent. He, too, found himself urgently altering documents, yet there was no forgery involved. The issue stemmed from his seller having recently changed passports, resulting in a single-letter discrepancy in the new one. This discrepancy served as grounds for rejection, including in the purchase of the apartment.

For about a month, the client traversed from agency to agency, with none able to decipher how to navigate such a situation. Eventually, his request landed on broker Alexey Zubenko's desk. Interestingly, discrepancies in names were only noticed before obtaining the NOC—a document of approval from the developer for the transfer of ownership. Alexey took charge and organized the transaction in approximately a month.

Initially, he reached out to the Russian consulate with an official letter requesting a name change in the passport. This avenue proved futile. Subsequently, he approached the DLD to update the seller's data in the Land Department registry, as the system was rejecting the transaction based on the new passport and withholding the property ownership document.

The client granted power of attorney to the broker, and we executed all necessary operations remotely. Interestingly, the buyer was also located outside the UAE, rendering the transaction entirely remote. Alexey acted as the authorized representative from both ends. He visited the Trustee Office, transferring funds to himself. The seller received payment in the required currency within a couple of days.