200 projects for Dubai: Sheikh Hamdan wants to make the city the best in the world

03 Jun 2024

During the week, Sheikh Hamdan presented a new strategy for the development of Dubai until 2033. It includes 200 new projects that will make Dubai the best city in the world. Let's briefly review the most important points of the strategy.

Greening the city

The authorities plan to increase the area of public landscape parks from 23 to 64 km². More than 200 parks and squares will be built throughout Dubai.

The city in 20 minutes

Another initiative is to provide each resident with 80% of basic services within 20 minutes by car or other transport.

Rich lifestyle

The strategy includes more than 1,000 annual sports, community, cultural, artistic and entertainment events. By 2040, it is planned to increase the area allocated for entertainment, tourism and hotels by 134%.

Conservation of biodiversity

It is also planned to create 8 wildlife reserves with an area of 1,266 km² and marine reserves with an area of 32 km².

Modernization of the coast

The authorities intend to modernize the beaches of Jebel Ali, the camping of the Jebel Ali caravans, as well as the beaches of Jumeirah, Umm Sukeim and Al-Mamzar.

And this is only 1/3 of all initiatives. The city is actively investing in improving the urban environment, attracting new residents from all over the world. Every year more and more people want to live in Dubai.

Why is this important for investors

It's simple: the real estate market is steadily growing year by year. By 2040, the population is expected to grow from 3,3 million to 5,8 million inhabitants. And all new residents will massively rent and buy apartments and houses. They are already doing it.

❗️Therefore, you should not delay, but you need to forge while it's hot.

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