Where to rent an apartment in Dubai: Best areas for living

22 Jan 2024

Diverse Dubai has become home to 3.3 million people, with at least 80% being expatriates. Most of them opt for long-term apartment rentals before purchasing real estate to get accustomed to the city and figure out the best places to live. But you don't have to worry about that because we've prepared a selection of three districts that are suitable for living. However, each of them offers its own lifestyle.

Downtown – Live in the center of events

The ever-vibrant Downtown delights tourists with bright lights, light shows, a variety of premium restaurants, and all kinds of entertainment. If you love an active cultural life with gatherings and parties at sky-high levels, then Downtown is the choice for you. Everything for a full life is here: the world's largest Dubai Mall, office towers, Dubai Opera with concerts by global pop stars, a green park, and nightclubs.

Dubai Marina – Enjoy the sea every day

One of Dubai's main tourist attractions, the Dubai Marina district, attracts expatriates with a beautiful beach within walking distance. Here, people enjoy the sea, have lunches at the 7-story restaurant complex Pier 7 with cuisines from around the world, shop at Dubai Marina Mall, and test their nerves at the skydiving club. If you want to live by the beach, rent an apartment in Dubai Marina.

Creek Harbour – Enjoy life on the waterfront

The promising Creek Harbour district could become Dubai's new center in the future thanks to the Creek Tower project, surrounded by shopping alleys, restaurants, and residential quarters. But even now, life is buzzing on Creek Island: people relax in the green park, stroll along the waterfront, and sail on yachts along the canal. Downtown, the airport, and the seaside beaches are all within a 20-minute reach.

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