Why partnering with Whitewill is advantageous

11 Mar 2024

Our company's partnership department welcomes inquiries from all those willing to entrust us with clients seeking to purchase or rent real estate.

The Whitewill partnership program extends across all regions where we operate: Miami, London, Turkey, the UAE, and Oman. Should your client engage in a property transaction with us, you shall receive 30% of our total commission.

A few figures:

• Over 500 million – the sum we disbursed to our partners in 2023.

• Nearly 7,000 partners are currently affiliated with Whitewill.

Let's delve into the program's terms:

• You shall receive 30% of the total commission.

• We provide an advance payment no later than 2 weeks after the deal's closure, notwithstanding that our company may receive funds only after a month or longer.

We value the trust bestowed upon us by our partners and believe you should not have to wait. Hence, we established a dedicated Instant Payment Fund. The remaining portion of your reward will be disbursed upon our receipt of commission from the developer.

Portal for partners

We have developed a user-friendly platform for our agency network. You submit a client request form, and we promptly forward it to Whitewill brokers. Requests are allocated based on property type, budget, and purchase objective. You can track the status of your engagement via your personal dashboard. Additionally, the portal features property listings, news updates, and special offerings.

Pleasant bonuses

We compile rankings of all our partners and award points for client uniqueness or property selection prowess.

Twice a year, we assess performances. The top-ranking partner receives a travel certificate to a tropical destination.

If you want to become our partner, follow the link provided and register.