Why you should invest in Qatari real estate

29 May 2024

The enterprising authorities of Qatar are steadfast in their commitment to attracting foreign capital. They have already enabled foreigners to own 100% of shares in businesses across almost all sectors of the economy. Additionally, they have simplified the process of obtaining residency permits and purchasing real estate, making it no more complex than buying a car. The recent FIFA World Cup in 2022 spurred a tourism boom in Qatar.

Now is the ideal time to invest in Qatar and profit from real estate. We will create a tailored selection for you and calculate the potential returns and payback period.

Tourism boom

Qatar aims to attract up to six million tourists annually by 2030. Doha, the capital, boasts one of the fastest-growing hotel markets in the world. The investment of $220 billion in the tourism sector for the World Cup resulted in the construction of over 150 new hotels, all poised to accommodate tourists for many years to come. Furthermore, 80% of the world's population is within a six-hour flight of Qatar, situating it nearly at the center of the world.

Rising property prices

Examining the statistics on the rise in property prices reveals an upward trend. In 2023, the average price per square meter in Doha was $2,823, marking an increase of nearly 10% compared to 2022. In Al Dhaayen, the second most active district for transactions in the city of Lusail, the average price per square meter was $1,646, up 26% from 2022.

Rental income

According to Global Property Guide, the average rental yield for long-term leases in Qatar is between 5,5% and 6%. Apartments offer a higher yield, averaging 6,4% per year, while villas provide an average return of 4%.

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