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20 Sep 2023
20 Sep 2023
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Dubai continues to stand out as a thriving emirate in the realm of real estate. Its advantageous economic climate, remarkable profitability, and tax-free environment have solidified its status as one of the most coveted destinations for property acquisition. Prior to engaging in any transaction, it is imperative for investors to meticulously select the developer responsible for project implementation. In this article, we will outline the crucial criteria that demand consideration, while also introducing you to the top-tier developers in the city.

Best real estate offers

Como Residences
Показать другие проекты в районе Jumeirah апартаменты 3 квартал 2027 from $10 000
330 Riverside Crescent
Показать другие проекты в районе Ras Al Khor апартаменты 2 квартал 2027 from $6 000
Society House
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Selecting a developer: Step-by-step guide


We've prepared a concise checklist to assist you in gauging the reliability of a developer during the initial stages of your search:

  • make sure there is an official developer website; 
  • examine the documents provided on the website;
  • choose a residential project of interest; 
  • determine the anticipated project completion dates; 
  • if available, peruse photo reports and construction site webcam footage;
  • review feedback and comments from property owners associated with the developer; 
  • inquire about available payment options; 
  • schedule a personal meeting with a developer representative or broker;
  • proceed with the property transaction.

Reviews and information on the official website  

When assessing a developer, thoroughly analyze the information available on their official website and across social media platforms. This exploration can unveil the developer's tenure in the market, their strategic collaborations, and any accolades or achievements they have garnered. Subsequently, delve into buyer reviews to discern whether the developer consistently meets project deadlines and maintains the promised quality.

Project analysis  

The Dubai Land Department has expanded its accessibility to developer and project information for potential investors. By visiting the DLD website, you can access all pertinent details. Key criteria to consider include the project's commencement date, current construction stage, estimated completion date, and the handover date.

Evaluating work efficiency  

Occasionally, developers may postpone project completion dates. While this is acceptable within a reasonable timeframe of a few months, it's essential to gauge the developer's overall performance, construction timelines, and service standards by conversing with individuals who have invested in their projects.

Face-to-face interaction  

To gain deeper insights into a project, consider visiting the developer's office. Here, you'll receive information about the readiness of the residential complex for handover, available payment plans, and insurance options. The office can also present various offerings within the developer's portfolio. Alternatively, for more comprehensive assistance, reach out to a broker who can ascertain your property preferences, budget, and requirements, and identify the most suitable options in the market.

Additional services  

Developers have recently started presenting appealing choices to potential buyers. Depending on the developer, these offerings might include complimentary property management for a limited duration, exemption from registration fees at the Dubai Land DLD, or convenient payment plans. By opting for a plot from DAMAC developer and contributing 5% of the property's price, you can enjoy a cost-free stay at a five-star hotel in Dubai. During your hotel stay, you'll have the opportunity to explore the surroundings, discover intriguing locales, and deeply engage with the neighborhood where your future residence is situated. Additionally, some developers may offer to cover your flight expenses to Dubai when purchasing real estate on podium floors.

Provision of installments and mortgages  

A reputable developer consistently collaborates with major banks capable of extending mortgage options to prospective buyers. It's crucial to scrutinize the agreements established between the developer and these financial institutions to ensure their reliability.

Balcony of the Baccarat residential project

Best real estate offers

Ocean House
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Bugatti Residences
Показать другие проекты в районе Business Bay апартаменты 1 квартал 2026 from $20 000

The top developers in Dubai

Emaar Properties  

Emaar Properties stands as one of the foremost developers in Dubai, boasting a vast portfolio encompassing over 14,000 projects. This developer is renowned for iconic creations such as the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa, the sprawling Dubai Mall, and the magnificent Dubai Fountain, the largest of its kind globally. Emaar is also recognized for its contributions including the Burj Views Hotel, The Lakes Dubai artificial lakes, and the innovative Emaar District Cooling systems.

Nakheel Properties  

Nakheel Properties, another prominent real estate developer in Dubai, is celebrated for its groundbreaking ventures. Their repertoire includes the magnificent Palm Jumeirah, the world's largest man-made island in the shape of a palm tree, an archipelago known as The World featuring 300 artificial islands mimicking continents, and the burgeoning Dubai Islands, a vibrant district replete with beaches, restaurants, shops, and entertainment complexes.


Sobha, an international real estate developer that commenced operations in 1976 in Oman, specializes in premium residential and multifunctional projects across the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Brunei, and India. Notable developments include Sobha Hartland 1, Sobha Hartland 2, and Sobha Reserve. In 2019, Sobha Realty clinched the Best Developer of Luxury Real Estate in the UAE accolade at the Luxury Network International Awards.


Meydan Group, a stalwart developer in Dubai, is renowned for its expansive undertakings such as Meydan One and The Meydan Hotel. The prestigious Dubai World Cup, the venue for the world's most significant horse races, is another remarkable creation by Meydan. The company holds a prominent position in Dubai's real estate market, with projects spanning an area exceeding 4,350,000 square meters.


Deyaar Development, a privately-held joint-stock company, specializes in designing apartment complexes, townhouses, office spaces, and shopping centers. Noteworthy projects include Bella Rose, Mont Rose, and The Atria, strategically located in Dubai's prominent areas like Dubai Marina, Business Bay, DIFC, Jumeirah Lake Towers, and Al Barsha.


Omniyat ranks among the largest private developers in the UAE, with a portfolio encompassing premium-class hotel, commercial, and residential real estate. Collaborating with world-class architects and designers, one of their standout projects is The Opus, designed by the renowned architect Zaha Hadid. In 2019, Omniyat received the Award of Excellence from the American Council on High-Rise Buildings and Urban Environment.

DAMAC Properties  

DAMAC Properties, a renowned developer in Dubai and the Middle East, operates as a subsidiary of the UAE's Damac Group, one of the largest conglomerates in the region. Notable landmarks include the exclusive Cavalli Tower, the world's only residential tower bearing the Cavalli fashion house brand, and a towering skyscraper in London, a collaboration with Versace Home known as Damac Tower Nine Elms.

Azizi Developments  

Azizi Developments is a versatile real estate developer in Dubai, with projects spanning various classes. Among their notable developments are the residential complexes Azizi Riviera and Azizi Victoria. In 2018, Azizi Developments clinched the prestigious Developer of the Year award at the Construction Innovation Awards in Dubai.

Select Group  

Select Group, a private diversified company established in 2002, has built a robust portfolio encompassing residential and commercial real estate, hotels, and retail facilities. Some of their prominent projects include Residence 110, The Hive, and Marina Tower. Select Group stands as one of the largest developers in the Cooperation Council of the Arab States of the Persian Gulf.

Top projects by premier developers  

Jumeirah Living Business Bay  

Jumeirah Living Business Bay is situated in the heart of the central Business Bay district and stands tall as a 35-floor residential tower developed by Select Group. Within this tower, you'll discover an array of residences ranging from 2 to 5 bedrooms, each thoughtfully designed to cater to diverse preferences. The project's unique peninsula location ensures that every residence provides captivating views of the glistening azure bay. Residents benefit from an array of services, including concierge assistance, cleaning services, and valet parking. Furthermore, a variety of entertainment facilities, including a soothing massage pool, a private fitness club, a lounge, and dedicated areas for gaming and study, enhance the living experience.

Prices start at $2,000,000.

Jumeirah Living Business Bay residential project

Cavalli Couture

Cavalli Couture, an enchanting project by DAMAC Properties, draws inspiration from the wonders of wildlife. Prospective residents can select from apartments ranging from 3 to 5 bedrooms or opt for the grandeur of a 6-room penthouse. Each residence offers an oasis-like ambiance with private terraces featuring infinity pools. The project's sprawling grounds feature recreation areas, shaded pedestrian pathways, and well-equipped playgrounds.

Prices start at $6,040,000.

Private terraces of Cavalli Couture

Address Boulevard

Address Boulevard is one of the world's tallest skyscrapers. This magnificent development encompasses 532 units with 1 to 5 bedrooms. Residents enjoy a comprehensive range of amenities right within the complex, ensuring a seamless blend of luxury and convenience. Facilities include a fitness center with personal trainer services, panoramic swimming pools, Jacuzzi, hammam, and beauty rooms. The presence of conference halls and business meeting rooms caters to the needs of business professionals.

Prices start at $30,770,000.

Skyscraper Address Boulevard


The outcome in terms of return on investment and your quality of life hinges significantly on the trustworthiness of the developer you choose. To explore properties from these developers, please contact us at +7 (495) 152-20-20. Our team of brokers is ready to offer expert assistance throughout the entire transaction process, beginning with the selection of the developer and concluding with warm congratulations on your successful move.